City vision

Vision of the City

The vision of development is designed by

- Strategy of the City Development 2014-2024.godine, a strategic document containing 55 projects of economic development , 56 projects of social activities and 51 projects of environment or, more exactly, 162 projects of the total value of 574 million KM.

-Continuity of development policy, stability, safety and cherish the good relations between the citizens.

- Top priority of this policy is to create suitable conditions to attract foreign investments and employment. A complete City Administration will be committed to this goal.

- Continuing the trend of budget stability which will enable the further realization of perennial project capital projects. Budget should be made as stabilization and developing which, to great extent, reflects our vision of the future, planning the economic development of our local community.

- Planned and programs cooperation of the Mayor and the City Assembly.

- Cooperation with the Government of Republic of Srpska and other republics and Bosnia and Herzegovinas institutions.

- City Administration, as a qualified institution, has the primary task to sort out in a quick, rational and efficient manner the problems of physical and legal persons that under the law is authorized for. A professional fulfilment of obligation, dedication to the job and measurability of effects and job implementation prompt and efficient.

- Attracting investments and continuing investments into all forms of infrastructure, provision of adequate locations for investments such as industrial zone "Celpak", "Cirkin Polje, "Baltin bare", "Omarska - Paljuge", improvement of quality of labour force through various projects, decreasing business expenses through subventions and benefits, a suitable geographic position and a continued harmonization of legal and business regulations with investors demands.

- Modernization of the existing economy and monitoring of technologies development and its application.

- Active support to stimulating the employment of new employees, strengthening the Development Foundation, entrepreneur training for young people, creation and implementation of employment action plan, support to self-employment, stimulation of employers to employ young highly educated people, promotion of economic potentials of the City of Prijedor, support to quality standard introduction, support to innovations and investments into MSP, support to business associations and clusters, support to international liking and companies networking, creating and carrying out re-qualification training according to actual labour market demand and participation in projects of public companies of the City of Prijedor.

-Development of agricultural and food industry - an intensive advancement of agricultural production which means the further investments and stimulation into agricultural production through fruit - growing projects, production of vegetables and flowers in closed spaces, reimbursements into agricultural machinery renewal, protection and arranging of agricultural soil.

- Development and advancement of infrastructure.

- Projects in the field of water supplying, drainage and waste water purification.

- Harmonization of labour force offer with the needs of labour force.

- Energetic efficiency for the purpose of sustainable development.

-Construction, reconstruction and equipping the social development facilities.

-Construction, reconstruction and repair of the communal infrastructure.

-Culture and sport are the greatest ambassadors to promote the City of Prijedor with a proper place in development policy.

- Health and social protection as extremely important field for the life of citizens - the City of Prijedor will keep up giving a support to these institutions so that quality level is advanced and neared to the citizens.
- A continuity of good practice of cooperation with the Retired Persons Association of the City of Prijedor with regards to additional rights will be continued.

- Cooperation with national minorities.

- Cooperation with religious communities - Prijedor is a multiethnic city which cherishes the culture of mutual understanding of the other and diverse.