Invest in Prijedor

Invest in Prijedor

Why invest?

The City of Prijedor offers numerous advantages worth of investing in various business activities and some of them are:

-Existing foreign investors – our best recommendation for new investments

- Strategic location for Asian, Middle East and European market with appropriate time zone overlapping with the most important markets in Europe, it also enables time harmonization with companies in the Middle East and USA market

- Favorable profit tax rate, only 10% which is the most stimulating tax rate in the region

-VAT is only 17 %. Also, the most favorable in the region

- Exceptionally talented, motivated and qualified labor power

- Long tradition of industrial diversity, qualified and cheap labor power of manufactures in various sectors

- Mechanisms for increasing labor offer in accordance with specific possibilities of investments / project requirements

- Professional work ethic and mentality

- A great number of industrial zones, attractive Greenfield and Brownfield sites, and approachable production facilities at competitive prices

- Free trade agreement with CEFTA and EFTA countries and the Free Trade Agreement with Turkey

- Advantage of legal environment

- Competitive costs of public utilities turning into smaller operational costs of investors

- Beautiful nature and high life quality

- "Can do" a business strategy reducing the risk of business with collaborative and innovative environment