Vision for development

Vision of economic development

A vision gives an integral interpretation of desirable future of the City which overcomes the limitations of some sectors and disciplines, a new thinking of complexed natural spatial whole where economy, ecology, human and physical dimension of the municipality are considered in relation of micro - urban and macro - global. The purpose of the vision is to articulate the general goals of development, enable the realization of consequences of its implementation and necessary steps to be taken. Within the vision of the community are set the goals and principles that consensus of the opposed interests can be reached about. The vision is vey reduced in its volume and it refers only to general directions and determinations.

A concept of sustainable development that the City of Prijedor builds its future on, demands balancing of economic, social and ecological requirements for the well being of both current and future generations. The vision of sustainable development of the City of Prijedor has been derived from:

1. Vision of economic development , starting from the need of speeding up the economic growth. Increasing employment and circling the process of transition towards market economy (stimulation of innovations and productivity, empowering entrepreneurship, preventing the departure of good and perspective human resources from the city) taking into account at the same time the fulfilling of requirements of sustainability through integrating environment and economic policy and by healing the effects of economic growth on environment;

2. Social vision , which means decreasing poverty and protection of the most imperiled groups of population as well as provision of fair allocation of economic development in all parts of the society;

3. Ecologic vision , i.e. requests the keeping environment and sustainable natural resources management, improving the synergy between development and environment keeping taking into account the right of future generations to life quality ;

4. Ethical vision , that means the improvement of administration/ management through capacity building of all actors ( local authorities, private sector and civil society) and passing from central decision -making to negotiations, cooperation, coordinated activity and decentralization and solidarity, the respect of human rights by reaffirming the right to development in healthy and fair surrounding;

5. Cultural vision , i.e. necessity of keeping the cultural diversity and identity with strengthening the cohesion of whole society.

In other words,

The City of Prijedor, a local community, based on civil and democratic principles, human rights and good national tolerance, is on the path of integrating into modern European trends through regional and cross-border cooperation.
With strong entrepreneurship activities and innovations, developing information and digital technology, use of new and renewable energy, private and public partnership, urban and rural development we will increase employment and decrease poverty.
With preserved environment, traffic connections and sustainable development, the inhabitants will sort out their needs for living, education, health system, culture, sport, social care and others. "