Situated in the northwestern part of Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina on the banks of the Sana and Gomjenica rivers with about 100.000 inhabitants, the City of Prijedor offers various programs for all those that come for visit. Fans of vacation, nature and all those places that keep the spirit of history and tradition, will enjoy the City and the Sana river. Prijedor is a city of youth, culture, sport, economic potentials and the city of future. The City is proud of its many academic artists originally coming from this city. During the whole year, events of various content and character take place in the City. Prijedor has always been a city of open heart, a city that gives part of itself to visitors with wish for all those spending time in Prijedor to feel part of traditional hospitality and have Prijedor at their heart.

The City of Prijedor has a great tourism potential thanks to significant natural good of which here is necessary to stress the mountain of Kozara and the river Sana, many excursion sites and spaces arranged for tourists staying.

Kozara is a mountain situated in northwestern part of Republic of Srpska. It stretches between the flows of the rivers Sava in north, Vrbas in east , Sana in south and Una in west. It belongs to low mountains of dynamic relief whose peaks do not reach one thousand meters above sea level. Its highest peaks are Lisina with 978 m and Rudine with 920 m. Kozara is a Dinaric mountain, covered in forest and is a kind of a mountain spa providing everything for sport and recreation activities during the year. Moderate continental climate, lots of sunny days and gentle mountain peaks give a special value to this mountain. It is known by its forest with rich and diverse flora and fauna and a special quality to enjoy Kozara give the clean mountain creeks and thick coniferous forest.

Sana river with its tributaries is the basic hydrographic feature of the City of Prijedor. Sana spurts out near Medna in Ribnik municipality and it flows into Una river near Novi Grad and runs through Ribnik, Ključ, Sanski Most, Oštru Luku, Prijedor and Novi Grad. The length of Sana river on the territory of the City of Prijedor is 40 km. A legend says the river has been named after old Romans due to its healing effect ( in Latin language "sana" means healthy. In the upper flow of the river Sana, the trout, the chub and the huchen can be mostly found, while in the middle and lower flow there are carp, catfish, wolf fish, barbel and pike-perch.

Catering facilities for accommodation and food service provision are equipped with all necessary programs and can meet needs of the most demanding guests. Accommodation facilities in the area of the City of Prijedor are composed of 5 hotels, 5 motels, 2 boarding houses, 1 lodging house, 2 cottages and 4 mountain houses.

Hotels: "Prijedor", "Monument", "Bomar"," Staccato" and "Brčko gas"
Motels: "Le pont"," Bijele vode", "Atlantis", "Evropa"," Peti neplan"
Boarding houses : "Ribarska priča" and "Glorija"
Lodging house:" Babylon"
Cottages: National Park "Kozara"
Mountain houses: "Ljubijski rudar"," Previja", "Mrakovica", "Klekovača"

Except restaurants within facilities providing services of accommodation ( hotels, motels, boarding houses, there are several independent facilities, i.e. restaurants, taverns, snack bars, pizzerias.