City Administration affairs

City Administration affairs

The description of affairs:

The affairs of the City Administration are:
- Performing and enforcing the regulations of the City Assembly and the Mayor,
- Preparation of decisions and other act drafts that are brought by the City Assembly and the Mayor,
- Performing and enforcing laws and other regulations and provision of affairs performing whose execution is trusted to the City and
- Performing professional and other matters trusted by the City Assembly.

Internal organization and manner of functioning the City Administration is regulated so that it ensures:

- 1) Incorporation of the same or similar, i.e. mutually connected matters into adequate basic, separate and internal organization units,

- 2) Lawful and prompt decision-making on the rights and obligations and under the law based legal interests of physical and legal persons,

- 3) Professional, rational and responsible affair -making and fulfilment of the tasks of work of the employees and appointed persons,

- 4) Efficient managing of organizational units and permanent supervision of the performed matters and

- 5) Publicity of the work of the bodies of local self-government units.